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tv   WRAL News 530PM  NBC  February 2, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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her body was found saturday in north carolina, two hours away. police and prosecutors said lovell had been stabbed. >> investigators from multiple agencies assigned to the case are fully dedicated to seeing justice is done for nicole. >> reporter: police charged 18 year old virginia tech freshman david eisenhower first degree murder, 19-year-old fellow student, natalie keepers had been accused of helping him after nicole was killed, now she is being charged as an accomplice before the girl's death. >> the charge carries a term from 20 years to life in prison. >> reporter: love sl believed to have met eisenhower on line. nicole's father urged parents to be vigilant about their kids use of social media. >> if you don't think you get enough, do some more. keep checking.
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>> reporter: eisenhower and keepers are aawaiting a preliminary hearing in custody. police say they have received 400 tips from the public thus far. the family plans to release details of the funeral arrangements soon. police are looking for a man who attacked a woman as she entered her home near the sunset mobile park 2:00 p.m. yesterday. authorities say the woman was approached from behind and sexually assaulted and did not know her attacker. police describe the suspect as between 5 6' , 5'8", wearing a gray hoodie and spoke with a deep southern accent. police say they identified suspects in home invasions and violent crimes that date back to last year. gill bert joins us live. >> reporter: the police say they are ready to make an arrest in home invasion that took place in september, but
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traffic stop that happened five months earlier by police on 95, that has led them to the suspects. let us take you pack to the original crime on september 15th, darlene told police, she was robbed although her home on summertime drive, the man pointed a gun at her face, when she got out of her car in the garage, the suspect made off her with purse, gift cards and checks, two days later, police say they tracked the use of the gift card to a restaurant and information. the next lead came in the case when a stolen check was cashed in durham. the informatn was used to track a suspect to the barrington place apartments in fayetteville and another home invasion in the summertime road neighborhood, police say the suspects kicked in the back door and terrorized the family. >> roamed around the house, picked the items and flew the area. once we locate names, we will tie them together. we are almost at that point.
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are going to charge for the assumer time, we will charge on the other one also. >> reporter: police say they are charging 20-year-old bradley with robbery of darlene at her home and took out warrants on barr and davidson. they have a lengthy criminal history, and mug shots sealed but police are heading to new york to pick up the individuals and believe when they bring them back here and question them, they will find them linked to other crimes and similar robberies stretching to new york. north carolina announced plans to launch observation satellite this month. this plan is seen by the u.n. and other critics as cover for long range missile testing. some worry sit meant to further the nuclear bomb and missile programs.
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launch between monday and february 25th. lawmakeres are leased thousands of pages of documents detailing hikes in drug prices. at issue, turing pharmaceuticals, martin shkreli wrote to one contact that the price raise should be a very handsome investment for all of us. other documents show valiant and pearson decided to buy two life saving heart drugs to dramatically hike prices and drive up the company's revenue and profit. off chance tolen about two -- off chance to learn more about road projects speeding s yladet, 7:00th atll
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you taking a mbthatng. ow t.hat ae-prtion g. iplyfeelt' f als. a wory celon. ultiat. re yone'ro in the chahip pionship 's that feeling. multiplied.intr ipliatch-offs. a ce to win. and a chance to multiply your winnings. yea, that feeling on to new hampshire where daniel notingham caught up with gop winner ted cruz. >> reporter: ted cruz greeted enthusiastic crowd this new hampshire where he is looking for a second win. >> it's going be decided by the grass roots. it's going to be decided by the men and women here in this room.
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to rally as much ground support in new hampshire as they pulled off in iowa. >> were you surprised you won in iowa? >> i wasn't surprised. i was ecstatic. >> ted cruz is the guy we have been praying for since ronald reagan. >> reporter: marco rubio is using his finish to position himself as the mainstream republican candidate and one best able to clinch the general election. >> we need to unify the movement in the republican party. >> reporter: while cruz is riding high off his win , the democrats will have to duke it out in new hampshire. hilary clinton narrowly defeated bernie sanders and the closest iowa democratic caucus in history. >> we are in a fight to the finish. about whether or not we are going to build on the progress we have made or watch it get ripped away. >> we are in this together. >> reporter: bernie sanders called iowa and political revolution and plans to astound
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daniel notingham, cbs news, new hampshire. >> the democratic party says it will not have any recount to the results, the spokesperson for the sanders campaign says it does not intend to challenge the results. raleigh has a plan to become the southern capital of arts and culture. a plan focusing on bricking more public art work to the city and bringing city wide access to arts organizations client including expanding youth programs serving as an economic driver r the city. pit bulls are often considered a dangerous breed. others defend the dogs. coming up, dog owners, veterinarians and animal shelter workers weigh in on the debate. how unc students are giving kids across the country a hand, literally using incredible new technology. we had a quiet day, cloud cover, some saw sunshine, active weather to the west,
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tornado warnings in progress.
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withms oein anitamd mi. sure lifempudicddleer tmynd d thast b d meitlly o thh. attrrm,zero pnt aanci sit ss f america's number one tempur-pedic retailer today. heart breaking story of a 7- year-old boy killed by a pit bull made national news. according to the centers for
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it's a small percentage of the common oh occurrences of dog -- occurrences of dog bites. two breeds account for most of the deadly attacks. >> reporter: if pit bulls need protection, jennifer is their watchdog. >> they are a wonderful breed, they are funny and always wants to please their owners. >> reporter: she has three pit bulls and takes care of a lot more. as director of the wake county animal shelter. the veterinarian says all dogs have the potential to be aggressive. >> they can do damage. they are big dogs, any big dog can. a german shepherd or a doberman. >> reporter: the numbers don't lie, according to a non profit group supportive of a pit bull ban, in the ten year-period, dog bite dog says two dog breeds accounted for 74% of the
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they were pit bulls and rottweilers. >> if i had kids i wouldn't have a pit bull. >> reporter: alberto keeps an eye out for pit bulls when he brings his dog to the dog park. >> pit bull can't be trusted. it can be a two-faced kind of dog. one day act a certain way and the other day turn on you. >> reporter: cameron who came to the park with her girl and dog says she has seen it happen. >> i witnessed pit bull attacks at the dog park. one was little dog that got killed. the pit bull picked it up and just bit down and they are so strong and it died. >> reporter: fed rico says there are misconceptions about pit bulls. >> at the end of the day with the stories, it's responsible pet ownership. >> reporter: we spoke to several veterinarians who say they are no more aggressive
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stronger and more powerful and have the physicallability to latch on and not let go. sloane hefferman, wral news, raleigh. . a state lawmaker filed a bill in the north carolina house in 2013 that would have restricted ownership of 6 dog breeds and mixs deemed aggressive, it would have banned pit bulls and rottweilers among other breeds. are the is only one municipality in north carolina that has a dangerous dog law. a staged emergency drill helped zookeepers in tokyo plan for an escaped animal. a zebra. that's real. okay. obviously this is a zookeeper dressed as the escaped animal. the zookeeper tore down netted fences and pushed over a zookeeper.
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>> in the past, elephants and monkeys and a panther escaped from the zoo. >> time for one of the more popular traditions. this is no phony, 700-pound grizzly bear made his annual super bowl prediction and picking the broncos. you want to argue with him. when faced with the choice of two delicious banana cakes, the bear thought the horse looked tastier. this is ozzie's fourth year playing fortune teller and toughest yet as he had to enlist the help of his eldest bear before deciding on denver. as we get you ready for super bowl 5 our crew in california will be part of two half-hour specials, join us for keep pounding. featuring live reports from santa clara and charlotte and local connections to the big game player interviews and more.
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they are doing in japan. he is walking up right and as fast as i do. i think an escape would be a bit more, since of urgency. . a bit of a change today. >> 70s yesterday, 50s and 60s this afternoon. tomorrow, just wait, back in to the 70s, it comes with a chance for severe weather during the afternoon. we will talk about that coming up. let's check out the pick of the day, this is from chapel hill. a beautiful picture. she said she found this outside her door, at 4:30, the screech owl. i never seen a screech owl. she said it was a good omen or bad, she chose a good omen, she said it didn't fly away for a long time and she was able to
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thank you for sending in the amazing pick of the day, beautiful animal. i never seen the screech owl,ly post this when we are done with weather. we are going to start with the future cast, part of the viewing area cleared out, the coastal plain part of it did not. through the night, a southeast flow off the atlantic, low level moisture tending to build the clouds back, overnight, overcast form, maybe fog in locations, maybe drizzle, as we start the day tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies, by lunchtime, could be a few showers and there is the line of thunderstorms, now back off to the west, by lunchtime, towards the triad, in to the winston salem and clemmons and the west of the charlotte, could be looking at thunderstorms, by 2:00 or 3:00 , the line moves in. the timeline from 2:00 to 7:00, from west to east, the line could move through and potential these could be severe. we want to get in to fitness
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for you runners or walkers or dog walkers, 53 by 8:00. we are at 60 now, that's the highest we have seen so far. 64 fayetteville, 54 greensboro. 69 columbia. 59 willmington, a lot of us saw clouds, during the afternoon, tended to see clearing. our front from yesterday is now down to the south. we are in a different air mass. the mess off to the west severe weather from tennessee down in to mississippi, take a look at the watches that are in effect. the boxes are tornado watches and those highlighted counties, in pink, purple, pink are tornado warnings , the other ones severe thunderstorm warnings. a tornado touching down near newton, mississippi. large hail and tornados, the orange areas where the highest risk is, enhanced, and the system advances to the east tomorrow, marginal risk for severe weather, including damaging winds, isolated brief
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to keep your eyes and ears on the weather tomorrow. weather call will inform you, too, if there are warnings in your neighborhood. clouds as we start your morning, lack of rainfall, breezy and mild and 53. windy, 70 the high, the front goes by, we don't clear out the moisture behind the front. clouds and a chance for rain on thursday in the 5s. super bowl weekend, saturday looks good. added rain to super bowl sunday. if you see rain in the neighborhood, you stay inside and watch wral and enjoy the super bowl festivities and the game around 6:00. the cool weather will stick around for a while once it comes back. when you see something special, you don't want to forget it, you snap a picture. >> the front of it is the finished product when i see what i have done and realized i have captured a piece of history that otherwise wouldn't
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>> just ahead, our tarheel traveler shows us how a artist captures and preserves scenic pieces of north carolina. north hills is a popular destination, in wake county, the traffic on 6 forks proves it. raleighs considers ways the road ask keep up with the growth around it. i have had probably about 3 cancellations from january on. >> the zika virus has travelers
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unc students making prosthetic hands, 16 kids now have a prosthetic hand thanks to them. this is holden born without fingers on his left hand. the helping hand project printed a prosthetic at the campus lab only cost $20. in 2015, they created hands for 8 kids in north carolina like holden and kids in 7 other states. the group tells wral, many of
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helping hand through your story go. to >> don't you love that story? north carolina is a beautiful state. what if some of the scenic sites disappear? >> we find out tarheel traveler in ar del county. a artist from moorsville capturing what he can before it fades away. >> reporter: my problem is i never had a lesson, i kind of stumble along and don't know how you are supposed to do some of this stuff. >> reporter: he has done a lot lot of this stuff, stumbled upon old barns and sagging cabins cabins and painted this picture and snaps pictures. so many pretty pictures he clicked while traveling the back roads of north carolina and nostalgic scenes he painted.
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>> reporter: how about that for a picture, that's him, a country boy. >> we were country. i was 12 before i found out my name wasn't get wood. >> reporter: cotton champ catchey. >> i was nieni ptof ory us o th doepntolinorsporon
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